Nutrition and Hormones: Services and Pricing

Get the guidance and support you need to find natural solutions for your health and wellness needs. I offer the following packages and services:


Sharon Pendlington from Personal Nutrition is a holistic nutritionist working with women in Vancouver BC

Complimentary 20-minute Discovery Session

I would love to help you to understand your specific nutrition and lifestyle needs so that you can feel your best! I offer a range of consultation services and packages. The best way to determine the service that will bring you the most success is during a complimentary 20-minute Discovery Session. This phone consultation will give you the opportunity to learn how I can best serve you and for us to decide if we are a great fit for one another!

Request your FREE 20-Minute Discovery Session using my contact form (click here).

*Nutritional Counselling services are now covered under many Extended Health Plans. Check to see if Nutritional Counselling is covered by your extended health plan by contacting your insurance carrier. My designation is Registered Holistic Nutritionist (R.H.N.) and I am also registered as a Natural Nutrition Clinical Practitioner (NNCP) with the Canadian Association of Natural Nutrition Practitioners (CANNP), Registration No. NN0492

Best Value

Success Package

This package includes your Initial Nutritional Consultation and Personal Wellness Plan, a 30-minute Follow-up Consultation, and your choice of one of my Add-On-Services (30min).

Select one Add-On Service to go in your Success Package:
• Follow-up Consultation (one more)
• Personalized Grocery Store Tour
• Pantry Restocking Visit
• 3-Day Meal Plan (including 3 recipes)

This package also includes Email Support while we are working together.

* You may add a Holistic Health Assessment to this package at any time

It’s a 3-Step Process:
1 Contact me to discover the service best suited for your needs
2 Complete the Intake Form(s)
3 Attend your Initial Consultation (either in person or by phone/skype)

3 Month Coaching Program


This program is appropriate for anyone wanting weekly or biweekly private support to carry out their Personal Wellness Plan and successfully reach their health goals.

We will conduct a Holistic Health Assessment to determine the root causes of your symptoms. This entails a review of your current diet and lifestyle, medications and supplements, family health history, and symptoms you are experiencing.  The Holistic Health Assessment provides focus for the creation of your unique Personal Wellness Plan.

During our initial 90-minute nutritional counselling session, I will share with you the results of your Holistic Health Assessment and your Personal Wellness Plan, and we will create a schedule of goals for our next 6 private sessions together.

You will receive 6 additional private sessions over a 3 month period, focusing on your specific needs. Protocols may include optimizing your digestive and intestinal health, stabilizing your blood sugar levels, detoxifying the liver and other organs of elimination, supporting the thyroid and adrenals, reducing inflammation, improving sleep or learning stress management tools…all designed to rebalance your hormones and have you feeling like yourself again!

With each session, you will receive personalized protocols and any helpful resources, including foods to include, foods to avoid, natural supplement and herbal suggestions, and lifestyle recommendations, for each stage of your progress.

You will also receive:

  • A Program Manual for your use during our time together, which includes written commitments for each stage of your transformation.
  • A 40-page ‘Happy Hormones Recipe Book’, including a 5-Day Meal Plan
  • Access to a customized Natural Supplement package for the program, with easy-to-order natural supplements and herbs specific for your needs. Participation is optional.
  • E-mail access to my knowledge, experience and support for the duration of the 3-month program.

I decided to use Sharon’s services because I wanted to get my Candida symptoms back under control and hopefully be able to reintroduce some variety into my diet as it was becoming very limiting. My main concern though was the constant fatigue, lack of motivation, anxiety and feeling of being overwhelmed in my day to day decision making. I wasn’t entirely certain this was specifically related to my Candida.

Sharon’s very thorough intake questionnaire assessed the root causes of my issue as an overloaded liver and adrenal dysfunction in addition to Candida overgrowth. She set out a game plan to improve my digestion and detox my liver, as well as complete a Candida cleanse protocol over the next 3 months. The biggest eye opener for me was the difference the adrenal support has made in helping me to focus and prioritize. Even if I start to feel overwhelmed, I am able to at least focus on the most important thing that needs to get done whereas before I just felt hopeless. I am also slowly regaining my energy which is also enabling me to get the important day to day items done.

Charmaine, Vancouver, BC

Detoxification Programs


Some of the benefits that you can realize by periodically focusing on cleansing and detoxification can include:

  • Improved Digestive Function and Nutrient Absorption
  • Increased Energy
  • Enhanced Concentration and Memory
  • Improved Ability to Cope with Stress
  • Emotional Release
  • Immune Support
  • Enhanced Vitality and Skin Health
  • Weight Loss

I offer 7-Day and 15-Day Detoxification Programs, as well as a 3-Month Cleansing and Coaching Program, depending on your experience and needs.

All Detox Programs include:

  • Private Nutritional Counselling with an assessment of the organs of elimination (liver, lungs, colon, kidneys, blood, skin, and lymphatic system) to determine the best protocol for YOU
  • Customized Dietary, Supplement and Lifestyle Protocols to support your elimination systems
  • Access to my Virtual Dispensary for (optional) natural cleansing systems and supplements
  • Infrared Sauna and Lymphatic Drainage Session(s)
  • A follow-up session to assess progress, adjust any recommendations to suit your lifestyle, and make dietary and lifestyle commitments moving forward to support the cleansing process

Initial Consultation and Personal Wellness Plan – 60 to 90 minute private session

What you can expect when working with me:
• I will support you to identify your health and wellness goals, hold this agenda during our time together, and help you to evaluate your progress
• Based on your intake form(s) I will design and discuss your Personal Wellness Plan with you. This includes targeted foods to include in your diet and which to avoid, nutritional supplementation recommendations (if desired), and lifestyle suggestions (including personal and household routines, exercise best suited to you, and relaxation techniques as appropriate)
• I will provide your wellness plan by email following our initial consultation, along with a handout of any specific protocols, if required. Your wellness plan is meant to complement your conventional health care regime

I am here to support your progress with Follow up Consultations, Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching and Customized Add-On Services.

Holistic Health Assessment

• This service is necessary to discover and address the specific factors that may be contributing to your health complaint, condition or symptom or factors keeping you from reaching your health goals.
• I will work with you to provide a holistic overview of your health status, and identify any nutritional deficiencies or imbalances contributing to your health issue. This is done by assessing your symptoms, as well as your food intake, current supplements and medications, family history, and lifestyle
• Once you understand how your specific hormonal imbalances are contributing to your health complaints, we can address these factors in your Personal Wellness plan, and bring your body back into balance

Follow-Up Nutrition and Wellness Consultations – 30 minute private session

• We take time for you to provide your input regarding what is working and what needs to be adjusted so that your health plan always feels attainable and you are successful!
• We will assess your progress, and add subsequent protocols to bring you closer to your wellness goals.

Custom Add-Ons – À la Carte

I am happy to provide these additional services on a fee-for-service basis:
• Personalized grocery store tours
• Pantry re-stocking visits
• Food preparation demonstrations and cooking classes (my home or yours)
• Custom meal plans (3 day or 5 day) and/or recipes.

Please contact me to learn more. Note:Custom Add-Ons are also available in my Success Package.

Lasting change takes time and commitment.

After an initial consultation, I recommend you consider at least one or two follow-up consultations to reach your goals, depending on your needs identified in your Personal Wellness Plan.

To provide you with the greatest value and to ensure your commitment, wellness and success, I highly recommend registering for the Success Package and considering a Holistic Health Assessment.

Group Programs

Ask me about my in-person and online group hormone health programs. I also offer nutrition seminars and group cooking classes!

Work with me! Use this form to contact me today!

Please use my contact form to ask about the service or package that is best suited for your needs. Please include your phone number if you would prefer a phone call.

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