The sex hormones (steroid hormones) include estrogens, progesterones, and androgens such as DHEA and testosterone. These hormones are involved in almost every function in the body. When we look after our hormone health, we look after our overall health and wellness!

  1. Handling Stress (this includes physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual stress);
  2. Reproduction (both cellular and sexual);
  3. The production of energy;
  4. Body repair and regeneration;
  5. Healthy brain function (including mood, cognition, and memory);
  6. Regulating blood sugar levels (which relates to energy production);
  7. Supporting the immune system; and
  8. Managing inflammation

Most of us intuitively know that low libido or mood swings can be the result of hormone imbalance. Looking at this list, it also makes sense that your fatigue, brain fog, frequent infections, anxiety or depression and your inflammation may also be connected to your hormone health!

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