Nutrition and Lifestyle Planning for Healthy Living:

I understand that everyone can achieve greater wellness by addressing the root of their health concerns, improving their nutritional status and consciously making lifestyle choices that support their health and wellness goals. I create customized, actionable wellness plans for my clients, based on an in-depth health assessment. I also offer long-term follow-up, hands-on nutritional training and ongoing coaching.

My service begins with a very detailed personal consultation. As I get to know your unique needs, desires and challenges, I work with you to build an ongoing program to help you thrive.

Work one-on-one with me to receive:

  • personal nutrition and lifestyle planning that considers your unique health picture, goals, habits and schedule,
  • specific breathing, meditation and postural techniques (if desired)
  • ongoing motivation and coaching,
  • custom services such as healthy shopping trips to support your journey towards health.

Let’s get started!

“After my initial consultation with Sharon, I feel better, WAY better, and not just temporarily! I learned so much about the significance of particular nutrients for me, and more generally about nutritional healing. When I fall off the wagon and eat poorly, I know what I’ve done and why I feel terrible, and then I go back to Sharon’s recommendations.”

Wendy, Langley, BC

Food choice is one of the most tangible ways that people can feel empowered in their health.



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