I often have friends and clients request natural advice for simple health issues, and sometimes the health concern is so prevalent that the same question comes up repeatedly. So I decided to start a regular blog to answer your health questions, and its called ‘ASK MY NUTRITIONIST’. Send me your health and wellness questions here and I will post a response! Here is our first question:

Q: Lately, my breasts become tender and swollen each month. What do you suggest?

Monthly hormonal changes can cause tender breasts and swelling. PMS symptoms such as breast tenderness can indicate possible Estrogen Dominance. Since iodine modulates the effect of estrogen on breast tissue, this mineral can be effective at reducing these symptoms. However, it should be noted that excess iodine can interrupt thyroid metabolism, so you definitely don’t want to take too much iodine. Since our table salt is iodized, iodine deficiency is not as common as it once was. I recommend starting with food sources of iodine such as sea vegetables (seaweed, kelp, spirulina, ground dulse, chlorella, seaweed snacks), seafood, unrefined sea salt, navy beans, prunes, yogurt, eggs, cranberries, strawberries and bananas before looking to iodine supplementation. If this doesn’t alleviate the tenderness, I suggest low-dose natural iodine drops or kelp tablets, taken when you experience sore breasts, and preferably a few days prior. Following a diet that supports the liver and colon to efficiently excrete excess estrogen will also help to reduce these PMS symptoms. Start by checking out my ebook ‘5 Must-Have Tools for Hormone Health’ by clicking here


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