Are you tired from the moment you wake up, and rely on coffee to get you through the day? Or does sleepiness and lack of concentration hit you around 2:00 in the afternoon? Maybe you arrive home exhausted after work and crash on the couch for most of the evening?

Fatigue, or feeling tired, definitely affects our quality of life

Its also one of the most common health complaints that my clients seek help with. If you are struggling with fatigue, its important to identify the root cause of  your lack of energy. Most of us understand that poor sleep, anemia and underachieve thyroid can cause fatigue. You may not be aware that poor gut flora, overloaded liver, constipation, hormone imbalance, impaired immune function, stress, poor blood sugar regulation, heart disease, lung infection, and chronic inflammation or pain can also contribute to fatigue. Of course, nutritional deficiencies from poor dietary intake or malabsorption may also be at the root cause of your lethargy.

In order to efficiently regain your energy and vitality, its imperative that you identify what is creating YOUR fatigue, so that you can make a plan to address your particular situation.  A Holistic Health Assessment from your Holistic Nutritionist (or other natural health care provider) will help you understand the factors that need to be addressed for you to feel your best.  He/she can also work with you to incorporate small changes into your daily routine to support your energy levels!

Check out my short video to learn the foods to avoid and those to include to improve your energy levels!

Stop by my friend Nicole Yamanaka’s post ‘4 Simple Ways to Fight Fatigue’ to learn the importance of activity to reduce fatigue.

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