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About Sharon Pendlington

Vancouver-Based Holistic Nutritionist, Yoga Instructor, Birth Doula, educator, group facilitator and natural health and wellness writer.

After working as a Biologist and Environmental Consultant for almost a decade, I left my career to raise my family. I was able to train as a Yoga Teacher while my son was very young. And later to complete my training to become a Birth Doula after the birth of my daughter. It soon became clear that my life was taking a new direction – toward holistic health!  I must tell you that I had been struggling with my own hormone health issues since I was 10 years old. I was taking the birth control pill when I was 12 years of age to help reduce severe pelvic pain. And once my children were born, I became incredibly irritable and moody. In my  mid ‘30s I started to have hot flashes and insomnia. Yet I never once made the connection between the food that I was eating and how I was feeling!

Of course, all that changed when I began my natural nutrition training. Over the course of my first year, I was incorporating all my wonderful learning into my everyday life, and eating so much healthier. And I noticed that I started to feel so much better! The change in diet now provided my body with the nutrition it needed to rebalance so that I could function optimally again.  And my yoga practice supported the changes I was noticing.  I didn’t suffer with pelvic pain every month, the hot flashes disappeared, I could sleep well again and I was simply happier!  That was when I knew that I wanted to help other women to reclaim their life too!

I now focus on women’s health and wellness, particularly hormone health. Every woman can feel healthier and happier once they discover their own unique nutrition and lifestyle needs. I work with you to create your own personal wellness plan, based on an in-depth holistic health assessment.  Then I support you wherever you are, to easily incorporate simple and practical recommendations into your daily life so that you can live with more joy and vitality!

You don’t have to struggle (alone) anymore. Let’s talk and get you exactly what you need, so you can start to feel your best!

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  • R.H.N., Natural Nutrition Diploma, Canadian School of Natural Nutrition #N675714
  • Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT500), Nirvana School of Yoga
  • Honours BSc. McMaster University (Biology)
  • I carry Professional Liability Insurance.


Each of us has the innate wisdom to heal our bodies by attending to our body,
mind, emotional and spiritual systems.

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