Someone recently asked what type of cleanse I do for my blog ‘Ask My Nutritionist’. I should start by saying that each of us is individual. Personally, I don’t tolerate full-on juice cleanses for very long. A few hours is my maximum – literally! Some people would do perfectly fine on a fairly lengthy juice fast (and we can explore how you can determine what your body is ready for BEFORE you start a cleanse), but I am not one of those people!

My Cleanse Regime

My adrenals are still fairly weak and I sometimes struggle with blood sugar control, so I know that a juice cleanse for more than one day is not ideal for me. Which means that I try to mini-cleanse daily. I often start my day with a warm water with fresh lemon juice, or a fresh liver-supporting juice that I make in my Vitamix. This usually includes a combination liver-loving fruits and veggies such as beets with blueberries, carrots with blueberry, or spinach with banana. I follow that with breakfast at least 30 minutes later. This routine also makes it easier to avoid caffeine first thing in the morning, so I am supporting my adrenals as well!

However, twice a year I will do a liver cleanse or a deeper cleanse for all my organs of elimination (liver, colon, skin, kidneys, lungs, lymph and blood).  I am mostly pleased with my usual diet, so besides ensuring I am not drinking coffee or alcohol, and increasing my intake of filtered water, I don’t change my diet too much. The past couple of years, I have been leaning more towards botanical and herbal cleanses. This is the cleanse kit I am currently on:

How Do I Know It’s Time To Cleanse?

I decided it was time to cleanse again when the supplements I was taking started to make me nauseous, and I got a buzz almost immediately after half a glass of wine! That told me that my liver needed some support. In addition, I wanted to prepare my body before I went on my Tuscan holiday last week (It helped a great deal)!

Seasonal cleanses have become very popular. Before you decide to begin a full cleanse, evaluate your current diet and health. Cleanses can be a great way to jump-start a healthier routine, but if your body isn’t prepared for all the toxins that your blood and lymph needs to process and your body needs to eliminate, you’re not going to feel too well on the cleanse, and your health may even deteriorate rather than improve!

Here’s What To Do Before A Cleanse

Before starting a cleanse, I always suggest:

  1. DETERMINE what type of cleanse is right for you. If you get cranky after missing a meal,  experience dizziness, struggle with thyroid issues or blood sugar control, then any type of fasting cleanse will not be appropriate for you. Eat well first and foremost. Nourishing your body well for a few months will always be more helpful than cleansing for three days and then reverting to eating poorly. And you will have developed a new habit, with the skills and tools to continue clean eating for the long-term.
  2. ENSURE your liver and colon are functioning well before starting a cleanse. Most cleanse kits include liver and colon support, but if you are constipated or are experiencing digestive upset or abdominal pain, you will want to address it BEFORE starting a cleanse. Check out my free ebook for tips on supporting the liver and colon.
  3. PLAN the right time for you to cleanse. Cleansing is an opportunity for clearing out toxins and waste physically, but also a time to recharge, clear the mind, and let go of emotions or thoughts that are no longer serving you. So I don’t recommend cleansing if you are starting a new project, have undergone recent trauma, feel too busy or if you are under more stress than usual. You will need more energy for these situations, and you will need to rest more than usual during a cleanse.

There are many different cleansing protocols out there, from liver cleanses to colon cleanses to full-body cleanses. And from daily cleanses to juice fasts to cleanse kits. Its important to determine what cleanse is best for you, where you are right now. If you have any questions about finding an appropriate cleanse, we can hop onto a quick phone call and figure it out. If you have questions – I offer free 20-minute phone consultations – with no strings attached!

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